Rosehill Academy

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Sausage... And then some!

Brian wanted to go to bed at around 5. We refused, as you can imagine, then felt horrible because he pretty much sat screaming for his snakejuice. But, we fed him, bathed him (twice, he had an accident while IN the tub =-( ). He is now snuggled under his Spidu and PowRangers blankies, drinking Nakejuice and dressed in his PowRanger PJs. DC is very happy. He got Mouse Trap today as his Friday toy (yes, I know it's Saturday, but he agreed that waiting a day and going to Toy R Us was worth it). And after dinner, after putting him off for hours, we finally opened it and set it up. So he's playing it by himself at the moment. Or maybe now with Dev. He's such a good Papa.

DC's actually not feeling good. The lymph nodes on the sides of his neck (not the ones under his jaw) are swollen enough that you can see them. He has a wet cough, but seems fine. He's more annoyed with the weird open sore on the back of his head that is oozing gunk into his hair and making it stiff. We have no idea what's up with that. We just wash the goo out and tell him not to scratch.

Dev didn't manage to get the safe in tonight. Our neighbor (I forgot his name) is going to borrow a dolly from work tomorrow and they're going to lug it up the stairs. He's a rigger, so Dev's happy to know him.

On a good note, we've had a lot of new neighbors come into the street in the last few months. More kids, and they seem pretty nice. Gotta get DC out to meet them, especially the little girl across the street (Stacia or Estacia, I'm not sure. It's hard to understand 4 year olds when they're yelling out their second story window at you.). Today he played with a few older kids who were trying to get a kite to fly behind the apartment. He keeps asking where our neighbors are, since he hasn't really met any of them. I think one of them does in-home daycare for a few of the kids, too. Probably would have to go through the Army to use her, don't know yet. Must meet her and see.

Katie and Joe, the downstairs neighbors, are really nice. He's in the 509th too, at least for now. And she's constantly out in the yard, improving it. She has a nice little flower garden and an actual vegetable garden. She's so productive.

They actually had a community fair today. And wouldn't you know it, today's the day that we had decided to go to Lake Charles. Though, the look on the faces of the guys who loaded the 525 lb safe into the back of the van was funny. It was definitely "You gotta be kidding me!"

The apartment is STILL a disaster area. We're planning on moving all sorts of things around next week, when Dev starts his college option back up. So, it's all just that much more confusing.

Dev's gotten into homeschooling, too. We bought a CSI facial reconstruction kit at Toys R Us today to teach the boys anatomy and such. Hehehe... OK, so we got it because it was really cool.

DC spent part of the trip down to LA doing phonics. "What else starts with s, Mommy? I know! Sssssstar!"

Dev says I should also tell you about the 7 foot cat tree. Yes, a 7 foot cat tree. We forgot her scratching post in Tennessee (not that we had room for it) and couldn't find one we liked at Petsmart, so he found a 7 foot pole with ledges for her to use. She likes being able to go higher than the kids, but so far hasn't spent a whole lot of time on it.

OK, time to go watch Firefly and eat ice cream, since both boys are now in bed. Nora, how did the dissection go? Or did it?

Monday, April 18, 2005

My Husband: The Cat Person

I'm an animal person, pure and simple. If it has fur, I like it. Thus the rats that Dev is still moaning about.

But, I've been a good girl... I resisted the urge to pick up the puppy abandoned on the corner. I whimpered, but I resisted. It was very cute and very fluffy. But Dev doesn't like dogs, and he definitely doesn't like dogs in a small, second story apartment.

So, Ferengi just had her kittens, adorable balls of fluff that don't even have their eyes open. And Dev and I snuck away from Brian to go cuddle them, because, after all, they are kittens.

On the way back we checked out the snake hole that Dev flooded today on the girls' vow that they saw an actual snake in it. And on the way past the trampoline he suddenly stopped and said "Jo, is that what I think it is?"

Sure enough, huddled by the trampoline was a little, funny looking furry thing. It had a big nose, a sparse covering of hair, and ears that will no doubt grow to fit it's face. A rabbit. So tiny and new that it's eyes and ears aren't open yet. (He swears he thought it was a gerbil at first.)

It was instant love for Dev. The bunny, which he has dubbed Easter, is now nestled in the rats' travel cage. Papaw, not knowing why, has the mission to pick up kitten milk and a feeding bottle from Wal-mart, and Nora is going to sigh once she gets home and sees this thing. And Dev just shakes his head because I'm teasing him mercilessly about adopting the bunny and making excuses to keep it.

Does this mean I can adopt the next abandoned puppy I find?