Rosehill Academy

Monday, July 04, 2005

Cake's Done!

Just finished the cake for Brian's birthday. I was at a loss about what to do until I realized one of the presents Dev picked up the other day had Power Rangers of a perfect size. So, that present got seized and used.

Nora, you'll enjoy this: I nailed the cake together. To make sure the figures stayed upright, I inserted a nail into the existing holes they have in their feet. I guess so that they'll stand on some playset or something. With one execption, the nails fit tightly into the holes and were long enough to provide stability without being too long. Of course, there is the one bad guy who has bigger holes for some strange reason...

Brian has suddenly become interested in potty training. He's wearing big boy underwear and constantly running to the bathroom yelling "Potty!"

Life is pretty good.