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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Freddy and the Black Knight

Wow, it's been forever since this blog was updated. I tried to do it right after I signed the papers for Rocky Mount, but Blogger decided to encounter a fatal error and deleted the whole long post. I was too frustrated to try and recreate it at that point.

So, what's been happening in the Cannon family... Dev just graduated from OCS. At the moment he's attending BOLC II, which is a new program that, honestly, no one knows much about at the moment, even the instructors. So far it's been all paperwork and drawing additional equipment. Tomorrow eveninig there will be some sort of social for Dev as the Army works to make sure that the baby LTs can manage conversing with senior officers.

The end of BOLC II should be interesting as they always ask the students their opinions about how the class went and what could be improved. They should know by now that asking Dev questions like that is dangerous. To say he'll tell it like it is will no doubt be an understatement.

Life here in GA is pretty good. The boys enjoy having a playground in what is basically the back yard and weather that allows them to use it. We just finished up the local homeschool group's fall co-op, which they both loved. They also really enjoy Fridays at the park with the homeschoolers, though they've been too tired to go after co-op. They also love driving by the Jump Towers and watching the baby Airborne fall.

We just bought a new vehicle, a Dodge Durango. We traded the van for it. Very comfortable to drive and better gas milage, yay! And, even better for me, I can park it! No more docking the Queen Mary in the back fourty of the lot!

Trick or Treating went well, with Brian being Freddy from Scooby Doo and DC going as a Knight. Lots of loot was collected and for the first time one of the boys got sick from eating too much candy. Poor Brian.

Anyway, here's a picture of the monsters:

Yesterday Brian decided that hot, sweaty hair was uncomfortable and found my cuticle scissors... He now has a nice hunk of bangs missing. I'll probably take him to the barber to get it fixed today, despite Dev wanting to leave it the way it is. Of course, he wants that so that he can laugh at Brian. He's so mean at times...

That's all for now. *waves*


  • Oh my! I just happened upon your blog as I was browsing online. It has been a LONG time - I can't believe how big your boys are! Ohy my how time goes by. If you are sitting there thinking OMG who is this...I will say one word and it will all come flooding back...iPath. :)

    I am divorced and remarried now and have 2 boys also - they are 8 and 4. We homeschool too! So much for that technical writing degree too - I have been a SAHM since 2003 when Scotty was born.

    Hope you will be able to check this and we can chat sometime. My e-mail is :)

    By Anonymous Rebecca Snyder, at 3:05 PM  

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