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Monday, April 18, 2005

My Husband: The Cat Person

I'm an animal person, pure and simple. If it has fur, I like it. Thus the rats that Dev is still moaning about.

But, I've been a good girl... I resisted the urge to pick up the puppy abandoned on the corner. I whimpered, but I resisted. It was very cute and very fluffy. But Dev doesn't like dogs, and he definitely doesn't like dogs in a small, second story apartment.

So, Ferengi just had her kittens, adorable balls of fluff that don't even have their eyes open. And Dev and I snuck away from Brian to go cuddle them, because, after all, they are kittens.

On the way back we checked out the snake hole that Dev flooded today on the girls' vow that they saw an actual snake in it. And on the way past the trampoline he suddenly stopped and said "Jo, is that what I think it is?"

Sure enough, huddled by the trampoline was a little, funny looking furry thing. It had a big nose, a sparse covering of hair, and ears that will no doubt grow to fit it's face. A rabbit. So tiny and new that it's eyes and ears aren't open yet. (He swears he thought it was a gerbil at first.)

It was instant love for Dev. The bunny, which he has dubbed Easter, is now nestled in the rats' travel cage. Papaw, not knowing why, has the mission to pick up kitten milk and a feeding bottle from Wal-mart, and Nora is going to sigh once she gets home and sees this thing. And Dev just shakes his head because I'm teasing him mercilessly about adopting the bunny and making excuses to keep it.

Does this mean I can adopt the next abandoned puppy I find?


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