Rosehill Academy

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Someone Give Brian a Quarter

He needs to call DCS.

Undoubtedly, there are funnier things that a 2 who sat on the dog's tail and got a diaper full of cockle burrs. Undoubtedly, there are nicer grandmothers than the one who almost couldn't change the diaper cum ornaments for laughing. Unfortunately for Brian, neither live here.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Friend Party Pictures

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Friend Party

DC has had (and greatly enjoyed) his first "Friend Party". This morning when he got up, his first comment was "Something is not right here." I asked him what was wrong .... "My Fwrends aren't here."

Papaw and I told him that they wouldn't come until later; they were still asleep. Papaw said there are only four of us up here. "Papaw, Mamaw, you, and Percy is four."

Even at 6 a.m., DC was ready to reply: "No! I'm four, Percy is three." Then he did that little through the eyelashes grin thing. More later and hopefully pictures too.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

In Stitches

And, once again, it has been forever since I blogged. Don't ask me what I do with my days, because I honestly couldn't tell you. It involves the library, sewing, diapoo changes, reading, cinnamon toast... It's life!

Dev had two weeks of R&R leave and got to come home. He flew into Atlanta on a Wednesday and disrupted everyone's lives. But he was thrilled to see his Aunt Laura and Uncle Leon, and to see our friends Kotas and Charlotte. I wasn't too happy about having to drive the Queen Mary down to Atlanta, but there are worse things in life, I guess.

So, he was here for a little over two weeks, and enjoyed every second of not having to shave. The boys adored having him here.

Nora took the opportunity of having an extra set of hands to get a knot removed from the bottom of her foot. The poor woman has been hobbling around on crutches for three weeks now, I guess. But after the first couple of days, her foot felt so much better that she doesn't regret the surgery.

This past weekend we went up to Indianapolis for a NAVA convention. NAVA is the flag association Papaw belongs to. Don't ask me what it stands for, though. Since Indianapolis is so close to Ft. Wayne, I went and visited my grandmother, who is doing well. She was thrilled to see the boys and me.

Anyway, as much fun as we had, we were all really happy to be home. Yesterday was our recovery day, where pretty much everyone but Brian wanted to curl up into a little ball and whimper. Brian wanted to run and play and never be trapped in a car seat again.

Today is the return to normal activities... Yeah, right!

Nora had a routine doctor's appointment this morning, which she drove herself to and from, despite the stitches that remained in her foot. Then this afternoon she had the appointment to get the stitches taken out. DC and Kate accompanied her on that trip, and had a great deal of fun watching the doctor remove the stitches, I am told.

Why wasn't I there? Well, because I was watching how stitches are put in. Two boys, four years, and I've just now had to make my first trip to the Emergency Room for stitches. That's good, right?

DC was swinging a big plastic block, and accidentally hit Brian. It's not a bad cut, only long enough for one stitch, but it was deep and on his face. Between his nose and his lip. If it had been anywhere other than his face, I would have just slapped a band-aid on it and called it even. But even Nora agreed that it deserved a stitch.

So, Brian is now rather mad at me, because it had stopped hurting by the time I had him strapped in the van. And they had to strap him down to make the stitch. Plus, the lidocaine made his nose numb.

The doctor and nurses kept asking me if I was likely to faint or anything while they did this. I guess they're used to panicky parents who worry over every little bruise.

He did very well, all things considered. He stopped crying a few minutes after I had him in my arms. And was very happy to see Mamaw waiting in the ER waiting room since she got done before we did.

Brian's asleep now, no doubt traumatized by the whole experience. He wouldn't look at the nurse when she came back in to give me the care sheet. He watched her out of the corner of his eye to make sure she wasn't going to hurt him again.

And I want to find a corner to curl up in and recommence the whimpering.