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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Whose Fish Tank?

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As you can tell by the picture, Rose isn't entirely convinced that the fish should not be played with. She particularly fond of the eel. It's funny, she never bothers with the freshwater tank except as a source of water.

So, got the fish today. Yay! It's very cool. I'd post pictures, but pix of tanks never work out very well for me... So, I'll just tell you about it. =-)

I have a Lyre-Tail Wrasse, a Damsel (not sure the exact name of it), and the eel I mentioned earlier. There are also an abundance of little hermit crabs, some decent-sized snails, and one hermit crab that's bigger than Elizabeth's that DC has dubbed Lifter... Er... I don't remember exactly. It was Lifter Looker or Looker Lifter or some other typically DC name. Oh, and 2 brittle starfishes, which Dev thinks is just about the coolest thing, because now he's seen how starfish actually move.

The fish are very happy here, though. The lady I got them from obviously didn't care very much about her husband's hobby, so the tank was dirty and everything was covered in algae. The tank was so abused, for lack of a better word, that the fish were all a grey color. Cleaner water, more room, and better light make for fish with actual color! The fish the previous owners dubbed Midnight actually has yellow fins, which we couldn't see for the longest time.

It's so cool, seriously. I've been searching the web trying to decide what else I want to get for it after it's had time to cycle and settle. I still need to buy some supplements for everything, calcium, iodine, and magnesium. The calcium is to help the snails grow new shells, amongst other things. It's funny, I'm constantly battling snails in the freshwater tank, but actively trying to preserve them in the saltwater one...

Dev is going to Lake Charles Saturday for a gun show, then to a Cowboy Action Shooter's monthly shoot. He's going to stop by Petsmart to find a decoration for the tank, since we have a large blank spot. Most likely it will be a set of Greek ruins or possibly castle ruins, since that's what he admired last time.

Most likely at some point a "Nemo" fish and a "Dory" fish will be acquired.

So cool!


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