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Sunday, July 04, 2004

Happy 4th of July

Got a call from Dev this morning. He's doing well. Tired of "wasting time" in Kuwait. He wants to get into Iraq and get it over with. Apparently, everyone has said that the 509th has been either the best or next to at going through each of the ranges. Today they did a range where they had to jump out of the back of a Bradley and shoot. They had never did it before, and got it right on the first try. They were supposed to do the range yesterday, but the other platoons there kept messing up and having to redo it.

He got a special dinner for the 4th. Bar-b-qued ribs, corn on the cobb, and "near beer." Which, according to him is non-alcoholic Milwalkee's Best. He said it wasn't too bad, and he got an icecream cone, so everything worked out.

Apparently one of the platoon wives visited this Rosehill Academy while searching for info on Camp Udairi and the 509th. Which we both thought was kinda cool.

Brian has decided he doesn't want to see 2, despite the fact that his birthday is tomorrow. In the last two weeks, he's broken eggs on the couch and floor, poured syrup on the couch, and today he poured about half a gallon of milk on the floor. This doesn't include the normal spills of ketchup, water, and anything else he can get his hands on. Seriously, the Little Green steamer has saved his hide. Especially with the eggs.


  • Hey Dev,

    How's it going? Happy Belated 4th of July. Got some news for you.

    You probably already know that Gary is getting married and his fiance' is pregnant.

    Doug and Christie are having a girl. Elizabeth Elaine Faria. Named after his sisters middle name and Christie's middle name.

    Doug's sister is dating Christie's brother. I told him at Doug and Christie's wedding that he was next to get married.

    Beyond that things are fine. If anything else happens I will let you know. Take it easy.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:58 PM  

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