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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Now for a Typical Day in LA

Well, since Nora expounded on her day, I might as well, too.

The day started at around 7. I left Brian sleeping in bed and got DC settled, only to be meowed at by the cat. You have to understand, about the only time Rose meows is when she's sick or desperately wants something. This morning it was access to the laundry room, and therefore her food, water, and litter box.

Instead of taking my time to wake up like I normally do, I rushed the trash and recycling out to the curb, a process that made me extremely happy I'm not allergic to bees since the curb is shadowed by a mimosa tree. But I missed the recycling truck last week, and the milk bottles were taking over, so down to the curb I went. About five minutes after I had gotten back in, the weather decided that it was time for our daily shower.

You have to understand, in LA, a daily shower isn't a little pattering of rain. No, it knocks the satellite dish out, and lasts anywhere from 5-30 minutes. A pleasant break from the unrelenting heat, but adds to the humidity something awful.

From there it was pretty normal. Rose climbed into my lap and shed all over me. I just had her in my lap a few minutes ago and tufts of hair floated away.

Did dishes and used my new spot carpet shampooer to clean some of the places the kids have spilled food and drink over the last year. It worked pretty well, not as good as a steam vac you rent, but good enough to deal with the Rocky Road ice cream mess Brian created today.

DC, being four and a boy, has discovered his penis, and has decided he doesn't like the glans. He wants me to take it off. Stop laughing.

Dev and I talked a little bit over e-mail, then came the scramble to find the list of passwords that Brian had grabbed off my desk so that I could go to the Army AKO page and use their IM system to chat with him, while trying to listen to First Tennessee's automated menu in order to get a new PIN number for the credit card he took with him. Didn't manage to get into AKO before he got off the computer, but I feel better having talked to him.

Several baths, a nap (for Brian), a movie (for me),at least one showing of Harry Potter an' th' Rock, and hours trawling the net for usable pictures for some fanart, and the day has ended. DC announced at 9 that he was tired and he wanted his Snake Juice. He was asleep about five minutes after he finished the bottle. Brian is happily eating watermelon, and trying to share it with me as I type. Rose is lying down in a box lid, desperately asking for her own cat bed. Maybe one of those ones that attach to a window sill... She'd still fall off, but the occurrence rate would be reduced, I think.

All in all, a good day, I think.


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