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Saturday, June 19, 2004

God it's Hot! and Other Rambles

It was only 90 degrees today (ONLY!), but with the heat index, it felt like 97. Walking from the commissary to the van was enough to make us all feel sick to our stomachs.

Brian has declared that I am officially the Meanest Mommy in the Universe! I withheld the second pint of blueberries from him out of sheer spite, I made him get in and out of the hot van, I wouldn't let him use the end table to propel himself onto the couch. I'm just mean!

We actually had a pretty good day. I put off going to the store as long as possible, waiting for Dev to come online, since I had been at the library when he was available Friday. Of course, that meant he never came on-line. Nora did the same thing.

Had pizza for lunch and fish and chips for dinner. My diet is shot all to hell. Must get back on diet. Must get back on diet. Must resist the urge to stop at McDonald's just because I'm hungry and don't want to wait in line to get on base.

Just finished talking to Jennifer a few minutes ago. She's holding it together, which is always good. We made plans to drop the van off at Goodyear Tuesday and then go swimming. The boys should have a blast.

We borrowed a video about ants from the library. DC has watched it about 6 times now. He likes ants (this week, at least, next week may be a different story). He especially likes that ants like to be counted. The things you tell your children in order to give them something to do for a moment. Oh, but the video (part of the Bug City series) has a seagull puppet named Bugsy seagull! Someone thought they were being especially witty when they came up with that.

I've been flipping between listening to an 80s station and a country station on Yahoo's Launchcast radio. I've said it before, and I will say it again: today's country music is the same as 80s rock. Seriously, the similarities are scary.

Actually, I'm really enjoying listening to the 80s station. It's music I can remember coming from Jacque's room growing up. Dad didn't particularly like rock, and while he didn't forbid Jacque from listening to it (not that she would have obeyed), he didn't want to hear it. So there was always something a bit illicit about hearing the sounds of Madonna, U2, and Guns-N-Roses wafting from the wall. Listening to it now brings some of those feelings back. Hey, I have to get my thrills somehow, right?

Just found out that my neighbor kid will be gone for two weeks (I'm assuming block leave). Getting someone to mow the grass in the interim is no problem. Kids literally go door to door offering to do it. Of course, if he's still gone when I decide to make my way east, life gets a little more complicated. I was planning on paying him in advance to do the lawn and water my plants, maybe get his parents to let in any AC maintenance guys who have to do their routine thing. I'm sure I can get my downstairs neighbor to do it instead. Her husband just got back from deployment, and she left for quite some time as well, so I'm sure she knows the routine.

Brian has also decided that I don't feed him enough. And that fish food is a good substitute for human food. He used the rocking chair to grab the container off the top of the tank, twice, and proceeded to scatter the flakes all over the place. While I have no proof that he ate it, tomorrow I'm sure I'll be subjected to interesting diapers.

At the moment, both boys are on the couch. Brian is sleeping on one end and DC is fighting sleep on the other. He's taken to carrying Figaro, the cat from "Pinocchio" around with him. Well, the stuffed one I bought for Dev because he missed having a cat and our apartment complex didn't allow animals.

But, that was my day. Thrilling, huh?


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