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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Escargot, Lizard Legs, and Cheese

I had an interesting day today. Cleaned the big fish tank while Brian napped. Made escargot. =-) Snails were taking over the tank again... So, I emptied it as much as possible, put 2 snails in with the contained fish, and poured boiling water into the tank. Instant "kill-a-snail" and great for algae. DC helped me clean the tank. He thought it was great, especially the catching the fish part. And I found the empty shell from one large snail that he loved. And has since lost. Oh well.

But, the big tank is clean once again. Had the door to the deck open the entire time, and Rose enjoyed going out and watching the birds. She didn't try to jump off or anything. Isn't that great?

Anyway, finally picked the van up today. Jennifer had a flat tire and had to take her car in, but she didn't want to fill it up with air while it was raining, or worse, change it, so it was kinda late when she picked me up. It pretty much rained all day. Yech!

So, came home, Brian decided to take a nap, and DC wanted some Mommy time, so I sat down to watch the Kim Possible movie with him. And what should I see but Rose hopping around on the back deck. I could have sworn that she was inside when I locked the door! She was locked out there for several hours and she didn't jump!!!!

Feeling guilty, I went to let her in and noticed what she was actually doing while hopping around. She was chasing a lizard. She actually caught it, and seeing me standing at the door, sauntered over with it held in her mouth, tail and not much else sticking out. My response: Nope! I told her quite clearly that there was no way she was bringing that in the house and if she wanted to eat it she could do so out there.

DC, watching all this and jumping around, thought it was very cool. Especially when our darling cat decided to let the little lizard go so that she could chase it again! DC was shrieking and the cat was hopping. It was very fun.

Anyway, the lizard finally got away, despite (or perhaps because of) DC's attempts to help Rose locate it, and Rose came inside, where she showed how pleased she was with herself for being the great brown-tiger hunter by jumping on the back of the couch and purring in my ear. She so wants to go to Rosehill!

Sitting watching the movie, DC cuddled into my side and Rose prowling the couch, and what does she do? She finds the bowl of grated cheddar cheese that the boys snacked on earlier. More than that, she eats some of it!

OK, for those of you who have never met Rose, I should probably explain a little about why this is so odd. Rose is about six years old, and spoiled rotten. And we didn't do it, honest! She was abandoned at a rental property and knowing that the Cannons are always willing to expand bloodlines, the owners of the property brought her and another cat to us. She adopted me the second I rubbed her belly. She was on my knees and just rolled backwards until she was on her back and sort of curled around the hand petting her.

Other bit of interesting information about her, she looks like Mrs. Norris. Yep, she's Filch's cat, but without the red eyes. Well, OK, maybe Rose is a little lighter than Mrs. Norris, but you get the idea. She's also just about the softest cat in the world. There's a woman somewhere in the US that accepts pet hair to make yarn and thread with and then makes apparel for the owner. Rose would be a perfect candidate for this (if I didn't find it oddly gross to wear my pet).

Anyway, I'm rambling. The point is, Rose is an odd cat. I know, that's a redundancy. She's odd even for a cat. She has no sense of balance (she's fallen off the windowsill at least eight times in one day before), her preferred method of being held is to be cradled like a baby, and she turns up her nose at wet cat food, cat treats, and pretty much any form of human food. The only thing we've ever seen her eat, other than her dry food, is a bit of ham that we gave her. We had to lay it on the floor at her feet and then ignore her for her to eat that. She's just an odd cat!

Of course, she is a constant source of entertainment, what with the falling out of the windowsill and waking up half-way to the ground. She always tries to pretend that it was her intention all along. She also fell off the marimba the other night, after trying to find a foothold on a couple of keys. The sound of it playing woke me up. As soon as I figured out what the noise was, I started laughing.


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