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Monday, June 28, 2004

Cleaning Cleaning Cleaning

That's what I've been doing today. Well, I can't say that. I can really only clean while Brian sleeps, since he goes behind me and ruins everything I do. So, during his nap, I tackled the boys' room. Did you know there's actually a floor under all those toys? Hehehehe

Their room is looking much better. Still will need a couple of hours to finish it up and vacuum it all. Then I get to move on to the living room. Aren't I industrious. At the moment the boys are enjoying having an even partially cleaned room, and no doubt destroying all of my hard work. But that's OK, because I'm dropping them off at the sitter's tomorrow morning so that I can have a bit of peace and quiet while I clean.

Yes, the most exciting thing that happens in my life is cleaning. I'm such a homebody.

Yesterday proved once again that the mini steam cleaner was a good buy. This time, Brian poured syrup on the couch. Steamer to the rescue, and Brian to time out. Now, if he'd just quit playing in the fish tank...

LOL. Just ran the spell check on this post. It's suggestion for homebody: amoeboid. How odd.


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