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Monday, June 21, 2004

A Good Father's Day

Yes, my boy did call me yesterday. It was very good to hear his voice, especially because he is so upbeat.

He is at Camp Udairi, in northwestern Kuwait, near the Iraqi border. I found a couple of photos of Camp Udairi on the web.

This first photo shows the camp entrance, and the scenic view.

Here is another scenice view with some of the native wildlife.

And yes, as Jo mentioned in the post below, I am flying the Kuwaiti flag while he is in Kuwait. It is flying on Kate's flag pole at the fork of the driveway. I will switch to the Iraqi flag when he goes there. Other flags flying for him are our Blue Star Service Flag, and a Polk's Corps battle flag (his favourite Confederate flag). All, along with the US flag on the main pole, are flying at half-staff during this mourning period for President Reagan.


  • Hey Devereaux,

    A flag man to the end I see :) I know that Dev left the other day and it was a tough time for all of you. I bet seeing your grandkids will help you to think of him often, especially since DC is such a spitting image of Dev. He is in my prayers as are your whole family and his. I am glad that Joleen has included me in ya'll's blog site. I love hearing from her and your family. Remember "No throwing loaded ones, Chilford. No boiled peanuts for Urchins." Keep the icicles off of your mustache. I hope you had a Wonderful Father's Day!!!!! Talk to you soon :)


    By Blogger Tonnie, at 1:33 PM  

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