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Friday, December 24, 2004

Damn that Cat

Rose decided that she desperately wanted to go out this morning. So much so that she actually dashed out the door and past a horde of other cats. You have to remember that it was 11 degrees at the time and Rose is timid around other cats.

Maybe an hour later she started scratching at the study window, requesting to be let in. The front door is blocked, so I went around to the back door and called for her. After awhile she came to the back door, as did every other cat in the county. Instead of coming in, Rose took off, with me chasing her and cursing her very existence.

Ten minutes later, she's back at the window. I trudge out again in my nice, leather and fleece slippers (best purchase I ever made) and go to the porch to pick her up... And she's gone, spooked off by Percy.

It did give me a chance to notice how absolutely gorgeous it is outside, though. Yes, 11 degrees, but beautiful. I decided to come back in and assemble my camera and put on actual shoes in order to take some pictures.

While I was out, laughing at the emu whose feathers are frozen in the shape of the ground, the dumb cat decided she'd had enough and streaked in through a door despite the other cats and Percy.

Now, if only that red cardinal would come back and perch on a branch again... That will make a lovely picture.


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