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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Too Quiet...

It's my fault. I take full responsibility. I was so enjoying the fact that it was nice and quiet that it never occurred to me that it was too quiet.

Around here, you know everything is OK when Brian is making noise. If he's making noise, then he's not doing anything he knows he's not supposed to do. It's when he goes into stealth mode that you have to worry.

Stealth mode is how we describe Brian when he has some devious plot. He does things like crawl instead of walk in order to go in under the radar, so to speak. He goes into stealth mode while at restaurants and he wants to get away.

After he's done with whatever trouble he has caused, he comes running back, a pleased look on his face and a message on the answering machine from Debbie Brown saying that he's in her front yard wearing only a diaper and a shirt, shivering but happy. That was Monday or Tuesday, I guess.

Today he came running up, proud to show me that he had done a good job finger painting.


Finger painting?!?!?

With glitter glue no less. His face and hands were covered with purple glitter. After a few pictures that will no doubt be posted once Papaw downloads them from the camera, He got tossed into the tub while I went to deal with what was bound to be a mess.

It actually wasn't a mess, though. We had done a project yesterday involving the glitter glue and the tray was still on the kitchen table. (The tray, for those who don't know, is a huge restaurant baking tray that Nora picked up somewhere and is very useful for clay, glitter, beads, and anything else that is likely to make a mess.) Brian used the tray for his glitter masterpiece, and therefore there was very little mess on the table or the floor. Still a pain to clean up, but not as bad as I expected.

Brian is now clean, though I think there is a haze of purple in the tub. Just the start to a normal day...


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