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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Night

Election night in the Cannon household is something you have to experience to understand. We have both the TV and the radio going, the computer has election pages displayed, and Papaw is sitting tensely in front of the TV chanting "Only sixty more votes. Sixty more."

OK, I'm exaggerating a bit. But not much. Devereaux has been running back and forth between all of the news sources. It's scary that he has the knowledge to predict the outcome of the states before Fox News has declared a winner. He just knows what state votes for which party. He's also busy laughing over the fact that they have not declared Florida yet.

Nora has been bopping around, doing this and that. She keeps one ear on the TV and has cleared the table, cleaned the den, went through boxes of clothes, and last I saw her was sanding on Kate's new armoir. I think she was secretly thrilled when Brian came upstairs because she was running out of things to keep her busy and awake at that point.

I have been painting as we watched TV. Too tired to do it now. Painting itty bitty eyes is way too hard when you're tired.

All told, I'm glad I wasn't here in 2000. Apparently by this point Devereaux was puking from tension.

Dev called today. He wanted to know who had won at 4:30. He also said that orders came down giving them a leave date. I'm not going to tell you that date since I don't want to risk operational security and depending on the outcome of tonight that date might change.


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