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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Cats and Rats and Elephants

Much to Dev's dismay, I recently added to the chaos that is our life. Rats. Yes, I said rats.

I know, you're thinking of the huge, ugly things you see outside restaurants that have obviously been poisoned because they can't walk straight (either that or they managed to pop the cork on a bottle or two). Or the rat that chews a hole in the dryer hose and makes off with an entire loaf of bread that you had left out to dry in order to make stuffing. And, well... You would be right. But these are pets.

OK, OK, I know, still rats. But they're cute, and smart, and actually make great pets. The boys love them and are a little annoyed with me because I want to socialize the rats a little more before subjecting them to rough hands. And then there's all sorts of possibilities, including mazes.

Let's see, we have Mellie, who is a very light tan, and Spider-Eater, who is the "cow" rat (brown and white). Can you tell DC named them? Both are female and not full grown yet.

Dev's really the only one who has voiced any sort of objection. Nora is mentally preparing changeable mazes and even Papaw is fine once he got over the first flash of "Eugh!"

They actually have a two year old's mentality. If your hand is not where they want it, they gently take it in their mouth and tug you to where you should be in their little ratty world. Brian does the same thing.

Anyway, they have been added to the family of fish (including the several that were still alive in LA and that I brought back with me) and a cat (Who just came back from a five day absence. She must have seen the flyers we posted today and decided she'd better come home.).

Dev, the first box of Christmas stuff is going out tomorrow. It has your GPS. And just remember, it could have been a dog. =-)


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