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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Christmas Eve Eve

Well the weather says that our Angel and Bethlehem Green Stable spider won't make the Christmas pageant. There is a half inch of ice on everything and the snow is peppering down. I called Joyce and told her that the 9 shepherds costumes weren't going to make it off the hill tomorrow, but she thinks she has enough sheets that were otherwise headed to Goodwill to solve the lack.

The Angel and Spider are more than a little bummed, but also excited by the possibility of opening presents earlier than usual. It has been a funny, snowy day. Here we are at not quite 8 and all 3 kids are going to bed. I fixed a ham, macaroni and cheese, and Italian green beans for dinner, Nobody ate much - too tired. A mixture of ennui and cold weather languor.

This afternoon I looked around. Jo was making stays for 1780's re-enacting. Kate was cutting out letters to make an "Aunt Helen" style stocking for Percy dog. Dad was still in his PJ's. DC was watching the Peter and the Wolf ballet on PBS and Brian was eating Mexican Chex mix. That wonderful suspension of the world that is Christmas here, made all the more natural by the weather conspiring to prevent any last minute, errand type distractions.

If the weather is as expected, I may add a hot soup to the earlier than usual Christmas Eve buffet. There has always been an intensely Jewish element of the domestic church to our holidays. This year, with the ice, seems even more so.

I can hardly wait for the kids to open their presents. There are some true delights under the tree for them - and the pace will be child friendly. On the other hand not greeting the Baby at Mass is disquieting. There is a line, "silent as a sparrow in the snow on the brink of an exquisite indecision" that turns up in one of my mother's poems and of a Russian poet's from the time of the Revolution (probably in other places - it is an arresting and universal image); despite the physical noise of our pediatric units, it also applies at Rosehill tonight.
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