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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Busy Living

OK, so I know it's been forever since I've blogged. I've been too busy living life to sit down and actually write about what has been happening.

So, what's been happening? Oh, all sorts of things. DC has been in karate for about a month now and has really enjoyed it. He is very proud of the four black stripes he has on his belt (which show the instructors his progress).

We're in the process of planning his first party, a Halloween bash involving painting pumpkins and roasting marshmallows. DC is going to be the Green Knight, not because he likes the story, but because green is his favorite color and he wants to be a knight. He wanted to be a gold knight (like the sample costume), but once he heard he could be green... It was all over.

We're actually going to have themed costumes this year. All Camelot. Papaw will be King Arthur with Mamaw as Guinevere, I assume. Brian will be an adorable Merlin. Kate and I will be random court ladies. Which is kind of funny, since the party theme will involve a lot of spiders.

Speaking of spiders, how on earth did a child with two arachnophobic parents come to adore the creepy little things so much? He has probably six jars of bugs going at one time. Not all are spiders, I'll grant you that, but still, he adores spiders.

He has one bug, Junie, that has been living in a bug jar for over a month. We have no idea how the thing is still trucking. It must have the constitution of a cockroach. Here's a picture of Junie. Does anyone know what kind of bug this is?

And it's not just bugs! He has a goldfish from the Fair that has lived an incredibly long time for a Fair Fish. He named it Furry.

To add to the menagerie, there were baby mice in one of the block boxes. DC wanted to keep them as pets. Papaw, upon finding Percy worrying over the mice and gently moving them around, stated something along the lines of "The dog is as bad as the half-pint when it comes to juvenile rodents." DC's immediate response was "I like baby mice." I'm in SO much trouble!

His latest thing is rabbits. So, if you know of anyone who is giving away a couple of them, please feel free to send them our way.

Brian has been a typical two year old. He adores the kittens. So much so that he tried to burp one of them... With his butt. And yet they haven't killed him yet. Not even Ungrateful Lucy has scratched him, and she is half feral. The child lives a charmed life.

We're trying to get him interested in baby gymnastics, since he adores the equipment so much. He's only been to one class, though, and that wasn't much of a success. I'll try to keep you updated on that.

History does repeat itself. Here's a picture of my father (yes, my father), with his first cousin Joanie back in 1942. She decided to use him as a life-sized doll.

Now, here's Brian "Marie" after Kate got inspired by the above picture.

Apparently there's a picture of Devereaux Senior in a dress floating around as well. But Papaw hasn't scanned it for me yet.

I can here Dev groaning now. No, Lovelove, I'm not teaching our children to be crossdressers. Ignore the fact that Brain's wearing a dress and DC likes having his nails painted. It'll be just fine.

Well, that's how life has been around here. Most of these pictures had their own blog planned. But, you know, sometimes life just gets away from you. And I wanted to share them with everyone, so I went ahead and posted them. Nora and/or Devereaux may pop on later in order to give you more details about mice, spiders, or whatever.


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