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Monday, July 19, 2004

Clearing Storm Damage

Joleen mentioned Tuesday night's storm and the destruction of Kate's club house.  Here are some pictures of the disaster and the clearing thereof.

The storm toppled a 70 year old maple tree directly onto the ridgepole of Kate's club house. (We know the age of the tree because Saturday, Kate and I had a "homeschooling moment", and counted the growth rings.) Thursday, I borrowed a chain saw from Scott Hall, and Friday I began the process of removing the tree.

Above is a photo of the club house when it was new, three years ago. Below is a photo of it on Friday, after I had cleared away enough limbs to be able to see it. The only thing left standing is Kate's flag pole.

I worked on the clearing all day Friday and Saturday, and for a few hours Sunday afternoon. Here is a photo of the scene of the disaster when I quit on Sunday.

This shows the firewood that I have cut so far.

And these are the salvaged parts of the club house.

Kate believes that I can incorporate a large portion of the parts in to a new, bigger better club house. I am sure that she is correct. We now need to work on the plans. Of course, I still have the large section of oak tree to remove from the corner of the emu pen.


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