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Monday, July 12, 2004

Driving in LA

So, now that I've had time to rest and decompress from the trip, I thought I'd write a little about the 13 hour drive from Ft. Polk to Rosehill. It was actually a rather easy trip. The boys were happy to watch Power Rangers or play with various books while I toodled along at speeds exceeding the speed limit.

Driving in Louisiana is rather boring. The area we go through is mostly farm land, so there's not much to look at besides rows of cotton. There's also the excitement of passing farm equipment... I misjudged the speed of the tractor and the oncoming vehicle, but proved that the new brakes work well.

Highway 85 in LA is absolutely boring. I haven't quite decided whether the Department of Transportation is stupid, they think drivers are stupid, or someone's brother makes the signs. Not only do they have lines on the road to tell you whether or not to pass, but they also have these nice little signs saying "Do Not Pass" and soforth. It makes me laugh.

Add to that the speed limit through the majority of the trip. They set the speed at 45 MPH, with is outrageous considering it's all flat farmland. But, on "dangerous" curves and other warning signs, they warn to slow speed down to 45. Which, by the way, in LA, if you have to turn the steering wheel, it's a dangerous curve. In TN, the same curve would be laughed at.

But, I got to Memphis at about 6:30 or so. Wound up at Lucy but didn't call ahead, so of course the Tickles weren't there. Once that got straightened out, the boys and I spent the night there, and left rather early on Sunday because the boys were up and wanted to go.

I hate driving in Nashville. Especially with the construction on I-65. I tend to stay in the right lane, so I have a nice concrete barrier on the right and 18 wheelers on the left. Even in the van, I feel like I'm going to turn into a pancake. (Think thin thoughts. Think thin thoughts.) Add to the excitement yesterday, it was raining. As in "who ordered the monsoon" raining. So, I had a truck to the left, throwing up water, making it hard to see, combined with the small river of rainwater on the right being thrown up by own wheels hitting the windshield, and gray-out conditions. It was less than fun.

Got to Rosehill at around 11:40. And, of course, the Cannons weren't home, either. But, it was OK because I have a key. They got home to find boys waiting for hugs and kisses, and Kate was thrilled.

The boys are having a blast. There's so much to see and do here. Brian adores the kittens, who are just big enough for him to wrap his hands around their ribs (though I do feel sorry for the one who was carried around by one little handful of tummy skin). He has been a bit clingy, but that will ease off once he figures out that we'll stay here for awhile. As it is, , he hardly lets me out of his sight.

Anyway, that's all for today. I hope everyone out there is doing well.


  • Sounds like a standard trip from LA to me:) Hopefully Brian doesn't turn any kittens into paste/try to feed them peanut butter/ anything else usually fixed with a wet vac.

    By Blogger Dev, at 9:17 AM  

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