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Monday, June 07, 2004

Dop dodot do do

Not much is happening at the moment. Dev is in and out of the field for training. Got to come home for a couple of hours tonight for a hot meal and a shave. Then it was back to the slave pit.

DC started VBS today, which was an interesting experience. They had internet sign-up as one of their options, and that's the one I chose. Problem is, internet sign-ups don't always work well, and every time I tried to call to check to make sure it went through, no one answered the phone. So, as I knew would happen, my registration was one of the ones that didn't go through. But, they found a place for him, and he was happy.

Brian fell asleep 20 minutes before we had to pick DC up, though. And then fought finishing his nap for the longest time.

Also bought a couple of Father's Day presents for Dev. Trying to figure out what he can use, or possibly take with him, is not the easiest thing.

And, that was my day. The boys were bunctious, I cooked dinner, and Dev and I watched some TV. Don't we have an exciting life?


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