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Sunday, January 02, 2005

A Typical Cannon Family Holiday Weekend

Mom has a lot to post, but here are a few observations from your Pa.

Jo has already written to you about the kitty litter in the drain pipes. That is fairly typical of our holiday weekends. Of course, that wasn't the end of the story. In trying to snake the lines clean, it became obvious that the snake was just traveling the connecting line between the two bathrooms, and not heading towards the part of the line that was blocked. The obvious route was throught the shower drain in Jo's bathroom. But nothing I could do would make the snake go anywhere other than to the green bathroom.

So I tried other routes, like from the green bathroom toilet; but it was too far away. then from Jo's toilet, but its u-trap was too severe to get the snake through. Then from the kitchen sink, but I couldn't get to the obstruction from there. Then I tried taking the tank off of Jo's toilet, but could find no suitable route there; and in the process I broke the flow line inside the toilet--you know, the little thingy that operates the flow and cutoff of water in the tank. Finally, I just stuffed towels down the drains in the two shower stalls to block them, and wigourously applied the plunger to the green bathroom's toilet, until finally achieving a breakthrough.

Of course, now I had to reassemble evderything, which involved a trip to Walmart to get a new flow control thingy for the toilet. But in the process of fixing that, I damaged the water supply line, which required another trip to Walmart after Mass today. I also had trouble re-assembling the pipes under the downstaris kitchen sink. The jerry rigging that the Hodges had done would not go back together, and Walmart didn't have the parts, so it will have to wait for the next trip to Lowes.

I relaxed Saturday afternoon by taking my new sledgehammer and wedges and splitting some logs into useable firewood. I haven't done that in a number of years. After splitting up four logs into about 30 useful pieces of firewood, I was worn out, but in a kind of satisfying way.

This afternoon, after reassembling Jo's toilet, I vegged. I sat down in from the of TV, put in "Master and Commander--The Far Side of the World", broke out my bottle of Royal Navy Pursser's Rum, and lost myself in Napoleonic era naval warfare. It was wonderful. After that I didn't mind at all playing cards with DC using DC's rules.


  • You used the wrong kind of snake!

    Have fun explaining this one to the family.

    It was worth setting up a blog to point out your simple mistake. You should have asked Kate!

    By Blogger RINOhunter, at 11:50 AM  

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