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Friday, December 31, 2004

Pampers Melt in a Maytag Dryer

No, it hasn't been quite that bad... It's a line from a Lonestar song that pretty much describes how today has been.

Papaw put together the trampoline this morning while DC, Brian, and I went to Wal-mart for Friday toys and DVD+Rs. When we got back Kate and Elizabeth had just gotten up. The trampoline went up, Brian went down for a nap, and my new DVD Recorder was busily transfering Power Rangers DinoThunder to a DVD.

After the trampoline was finished, Papaw went downstairs to deal with the clog in the basement's septic line. Both toilets and showers down there weren't draining. This, as you can imagine, involved quite a lot of mess and in the end a plumber's snake. He got done at 6 pm, and still has to put my comode back together. I'm under strict instructions to never flush the "flushable" cat litter ever again... *blush*

Of course, the real commedy of errors only happened a little bit ago. One of the things I did today was clean out the rat cage by flushing it with boiling water. This evening Nora was patiently standing over the pot of water that was this close to boiling when I asked her if she had cleaned the pot out first... I never told her that I had actually dunked the rats' wooden house in the pot of boiling water to get in nice and clean... We laughed as we emptied the pot and got a new one.

Once again the water was getting ready to boil when Brian came in asking for Sprite in a Christmas cup. I opened the fridge to get... something, and found that it was flooded with water, so Nora opened the new bottle of Sprite and got sprayed in the face with it while I mopped up the mess... At that point I just started laughing, because, really, what else can you do? And Nora asked if it was 8:30 yet.


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