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Saturday, December 25, 2004

E4s--Specialist vs. Corporal

I learned for the first time this evening that my soldier boy had been promoted to Corporal. It seems that the ladies in the family learned about it from him three weeks ago, but since they didn't really understand what that meant, they neglected to tell me.

Specialists who have demonstrated leadership abilities and are serving in Sergeant positions can be promoted to Corporals. This signifies that they hold a leadership position, and are held to the responsibilities and authorities inherent in that role. It doesn't mean any higher pay grade. Specs and Corporals are both designated pay grade E4. But there is enhanced prestige that goes with the responsibilies of Corporal's stripes. He will get his Sergeant's stripes in about six weeks, but I am proud to learn about his new stripes now.


  • Well, I don't get pinned until the New Year; although, I understand the 1SG has the orders on his desk. I don't know about "enhanced prestige," I just figure it gives SGTs I'm telling what to do less cause to gripe.

    By Blogger Dev, at 7:46 AM  

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