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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Kinda funny

Had to go testify in Iraqi court yesterday. Really a very simple procedure overall, even if it was a comedy of errors to get there. Had to testify against some people we detained in October and it was really cut and dry stuff. The funny part was talking to the lawyers about past cases they've had. You have to understand that Iraqis in general make very poor excuses. The ones I was testifying against had RPGs,grenades, and a variety of detonators in the trunk of their car. So, the Saddam regime retired colonel that was riding in the car said someone must have slipped all that in when they were at the market. Which is no where near as good as the guy they had that claimed he thougth the RPG launcher in the backseat of his car was a curtain rod. I was kinda sympathetic to the guy who said that he did have all the weapons he was accused of but they were to kill his neighbor, not Americans.

Apparently, they had one guy that was caught with a suicide vest hanging up in his closet that he claimed was for self defense. But, I think the best was the guy who's defense was, "I have no bombs, only weapons of mass destruction." Rather an entertaining day.


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