Rosehill Academy

Thursday, December 23, 2004


Excessive symmetry in plantings has always seemed to me a bit precious - as well as a near blasphemous tempting of the Lord Your God. Nonetheless, we have allowed to 2 blue spruces which flank the entry path to Rosehill (if anyone were so misguided as to think the front door really was the entry) to remain. They are pretty and how to decide which healthy tree to cut??? a conundrum.

Well, about a year ago the east side spruce began to list. Not a huge amount, just enough to be quirky. The tree elves did not, of course, right its tilt. Over the heavy rains of the Fall, the lean became more pronounced and the trunk, seeking verticalness, even more quirky; we decided that after the greenery cutting of Christmas would be a good time to end its misery. Ice can be pretty accommodating.


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