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Thursday, December 23, 2004

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Ice storm last night, but still have power, so the flurries that are coming down are just a joy to those who think a white Christmas is a good one. The electric company did their trimming in this end of the county this year, so we may keep power.

Dad is off today and tomorrow; he is watching Casper's First Christmas in the den wearing his PJ's and robe Kate got him for his birthday. The kids have been out once, had hot chocolate one and are dressing to go out again. Somehow each trip generates 12 cubic yards of wet clothes and a need for more food.

DC has been playing with his Advent village off and on since 7. Brian was the first one up - and came upstairs looking for company, loudly. He has reformed from his previous mischief and is no longer stealing tree ornaments. In fact he has even agreed to leave the packages alone, so most of them are under the tree. The fact that he can't get to the tree for the packages may be facilitating his resolve not to steal any more ornaments.

I have refilled the Chex mix tin, the Rice Krispeys squares tin, and the fudge tin already this morning; the Mexican Chex mix is cooling. Most of the corned beef hash has been consumed. The angel and the Bethlehem Green Stable Spider costumes are ready for the Christmas pageant at Mass tomorrow. God willing we will be able to get out. The Elf still needs to pick up some more fruit, too.

A few more presents to wrap. Not many, just the ones that either couldn't be wrapped until I saw the over all balance and a couple which had somehow never gotten out of the Jeep, because of the intense supervision of adults the kids seem to have arranged.

Strange not to have you here - for the first time ever. Miss you and looking forward to a second Christmas this Spring.


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