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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Happy Birthday to Jo!

The boys have each gotten their "mission with Mamaw" trips. DC has done very well, confining himself to "I got you EVERYTHING, Mommy!" He got to go last week and wrapped on Saturday.

Brian was thrilled with his gift selection. Because he doesn't know the adult term, his secret is safe, unless Jo knows more sign language than I think. It is a classic for him to give her, but he has altogether different name and gesture set for it.

Urch's order was fulfilled and should arrive today. Papaw's little surprise is in good shape. I am quite pleased with what Kate and I did, although that particular phone effort went a litle awry, which meant that Brian and I spent about an hour in a far too Brian interesting place while the order was "fixed." Tomorrow we bake - and add lots of buttercream icing.

Saturday is the first August B-day (Joleen), then Tuesday is Kate's, then the 27th is the Urch's. He has a good selection too - we hope it arrives in good order.


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