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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Yipee! An Address

Family and friends who are following the Urch's progress against "Dee Bawd Guys" will be as happy as we are to have an APO address:
Spc. Devereaux Cannon
2/10th MTN
ATTN:  A Co., 1-509th IN
APO AE 09303 
We got the address late enough today that we missed the Post Office Saturday hours, but much merriment went into packing the box any way. You can search for shipping requirements/restrictions by entering the zip code, 09303 here
They are at Camp Victory North which is near the Baghdad Airport on what used to be Saddam's hunting preserve.  From what I have read over the last 18 months, it is about as comfortable as Iraq gets.  
A word on calling cards (which are an ever popular care package item): get the  international kind.    More care package ideas are here. Sometimes I get inspiration from the items occasionally mentioned on these blogs - and certainly Chief Wiggles's Operation Give is another way to help win the hearts and minds in the Sandbox - it all helps to keep our soldier safe.


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