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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

We Just Got an E-mail!

... and it's from CSM Richard Beal!

He proves himself to be a very perceptive guy in this part:

I know your son well. He's a good soldier and I am happy to have him in my unit. A very personable fellow; seems to get along with most of the boys very well. I've always been able to count on SPC Cannon to do what is right. He has a good platoon and a good platoon sergeant as well - SFC Rasberry will take good care of him. The commander and first sergeant, CPT Wilson and 1SG Haga are top-notch leaders who have only the best interest of the soldiers in mind. CPT Wilson is a meticulous planner - always an eye for extreme details and 1SG Haga is a soldier's- a soldier who takes care of his boys. All in all, your son is in good hands.

Thank you again, not only for your concern and trust in our unit, but for raising a son the quality of Devereaux. God bless America.

I had to clean up formatting a bit in moving the CSM's e-mail to the blog, but don't think I added any typo's, LOL. Thank you CSM Beal. You made a mom's day!


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