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Thursday, June 17, 2004

A Typical Day

And as is probably the case with most families, a typical day is a rarity around here. Conundrum, huh?

Up early to tend to the household and personal stuff, then a little e-mail and news before Kate woke up. Two hours of language arts (I read Ella Enchanted to her to be precise). Cooked breakfast, while she checked on her Neopets. There was a new game that required some strategy. Over breakfast, we discussed a bit about how the game might work best. Kate played it for a while, but didn't seem satisfied, so quit to write a letter (Yes - pen and paper! Interesting that because she has free access to e-mail and to stationery, she picks which is best for her purpose). I was banned from the game and the letter, so plugged away at the iconography of the dolphin for the high school kids at Vacation Bible School.

Kate and I worked on our little project for Father's Day. It was either raining or steaming all day, so we didn't go outside to speak of. I wish we could have, because the phone rang at least once an hour with Vacation Bible School stuff, including getting criminal background checks on all my volunteers. On the other hand, the phone calls meant that I was sitting by the computer when Jo ICQ'd the news that the Urch landed safely in Kuwait! Such a relief. No reason to worry about the flight per se, but still.

Jo's report inspired me to click around for a bit of news which might still be at the internet link when the Urch gets a chance to look. I need better Israel/Palestinian sources. The ones we read tend to lose their permalinks pretty fast.

The afternoon reading session somehow didn't quite happen, probably because Kate got so interested in the music take home package from the library that we missed the usual time. She is really bearing down on the music right now because she wants the harp lessons so much. I have a good lead on a harp teacher who is actually in this county, rather than the ones who are 50 miles away. He is out of town this week, but another unschooler, who has studied violin with him, gives a big thumbs up, both for musical skill and for being unschool friendly.

ATM Kate is watching an Animal Planet shark rescue program and embroidering a tea towel. She is frustrated with her knitting and hasn't touched either the sampler project or the scarf since last Friday. She had just gotten a goodly amount on the scarf done; it was her first "real" project and used yarn she had picked out knowing how it would look. She took it with her to a friend's house to show the friend how to knit. Friend's dog chewed up the needles; Friend's mom stuffed the whole mess into a plastic bag, with no effort to rethread before moving. Kate has unravelled 3 rows now trying to find one that she can rethread, but with no success and increasing despair that she will be able to save 2 weeks worth of knitting work.

Friend Husband has SAR tonight, so we are in that relaxed routine of frozen pizza "after a while", then early to bed to read. I am enjoying ticking through the "household status check" while posting.

Five kittens, 1 fuzzy white caterpillar, untold seamonkeys (including the ecosystem sealed ones Jo got the Urch 5 years ago) and Percy are in the house, but all of the garden transplants are out of the house and in the garden.

I need to start the next round of squash and maybe 8 more Roma bush bean plants. I won't want "mess of beans" quantity in the garden when the eggplants and peppers are plentiful, but it sure is nice to grab a cup of them to "go with" a pasta estiva dish. On the other hand, there is no pressing need to do laundry, grocery shop, or leave the hill tomorrow. If we do it will be by choice.

The grass is out of control and the chicken house rank, but neither can be helped in a week that has had daily, pouring rain. Truthfully, the chicken house "could" be helped, but I am reinforcing three states of matter with Kate right now. Fully saturated chicken manure under a wheel barrow of fouled bedding is another state of matter altogether, far beyond my scientific interest to explain or experience.

And that's the rambling news from Rosehill, where the man is good looking, the children make us proud, and the animals shed.


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